M.Sc. Economics & Technology
Postgraduate Diploma - e-Commerce
Undergraduate Degree in Law (L.L.B.)
Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma

Analytics Fundamentals

Data is presented as a fait accomplis. In the majority of cases the decision makers are not interested in the minutiae of propensity, control sets, multivariate regression, significance and the Pearson Chi Squared Test, but respond in stead to facts such as whether the campaign or project produced an uplift and if so why.

In today's marketplace businesses collect vast amounts of data and all too often do not utilise it beyond the one dimensional question / answer scenario. Predictive modeling can:
- Reduce mailing list size without reducing the number of responses?
- Tell you that a customer is about to lapse before they know it themsleves?
- Ensure your communications are relevant, interesting and engaging (and even eagerly anticipated) rather than being spam.

There are also emerging technologies only just making their presence known in marketing, developed for weather prediction, mineral search, space sciences and for the military. Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence and Random Forests all have potential applications for YOUR business.